zeronaIf you are looking for ways to reduce stubborn, unwanted fat from your body without having to undergo invasive techniques like liposuction, Mariposa MedSpa has a new, clinically proven technology for you: Zerona.

What is Zerona?

Zerona is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure that has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a fat removal device. Zerona’s technology actually reduces the circumference of problematic areas such as the arms, thighs, hips and waist.

It was originally created as a way to assist liposuction, but then it was discovered that the technology was effective on its own. So now, Zerona is available to you as a safe, FDA-approved, effective and non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

How Does Zerona Work?

Zerona removes fat from problem areas through cold laser technology. By using this type of laser, fat cells are targeted and small punctures are made in them. Unwanted fat comes out of the cells and is washed out of the body naturally, thanks to our lymphatic system. The fat cells remain but are collapsed and smaller. That is what results in the “fat loss” you are looking to achieve. And all of this happens with no pain, no downtime, and no bruising. There are no needles or invasive surgical techniques required.

Zerona results occur following a series of treatments over two weeks. For most people, the recommended schedule is six treatments, with each scheduled every other day. The reason for this is that the puncture in the fat cell will only stay open for a certain period of time before the body works to repair it — 24 to 72 hours is the window.

In order to get the most optimal results from Zerona, scheduling you treatments every 48 hours has been found to be the most effective schedule. If you don’t see the full results you want after your initial six treatments, additional treatments may be scheduled. Our medical spa professionals will assist with determining if more treatments are right for you.


While there is no downtime, pain, or complicated pre- or post-treatment instructions when getting Zerona treatments, you will be advised on a few simple things you can do to make things even more effective. Drinking lots of water and keeping your body hydrated is crucial, as well as some light exercise to help stimulate the lymphatic system as it washes out unwanted fat. Wearing a compression garment is also helpful. Again, the trained professionals here at Mariposa MedSpa will advise you on what you need to do and answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about Zerona, call our office today.